Brightly Functional House L by Amitzi Architects

A 1970′s house situated in Israel has been on a project for renovation. It was the Amitzi Architects who did the design which is intended for a single family with 3 children in total. There are some parts which are preserved due to budget and time, but the final result is really satisfying.

The house used to be so dark as the result of its low ceiling split-level section. And the work of the designer was to give way for more light to enter the house. Since demolition was out of question, it was final to renovate within the existing envelope, tear open large apertures and dismantle interior partitions. After those efforts, the spaces are well illuminated and get more airy and cozy. There is also glass portholes set within the door for the entrance front. Some spaces have multi-function and use like the living area which features home library with huge shelving and some cool home cinema systems and tools. The kitchen dining is also in one area against a glass door that leads to the deck. In fact, you can find most unique sights of longitudinal views and a natural cross-ventilation with an axis crossing the house.

The house tries its best to get light and makes spaces look righter in order to be able to do things and activity there properly. Kids have to be in perfect situation so that they can play, study and do anything without any hindrance. You may like this one, so better check this one out.

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