Gigantically Minimalistic Apartment by Clifton Leung

There is a Hong Kong apartment that can tell you best why you should go for minimalist and be minimalist. It is always good not to overdo things. Believe in less is more. The designer in charge Clifton Leung tries to bring calmness and simplicity and elegance into one package by featuring palette tones and clean lines which work best for the owner’ artwork display backdrop.

The plan and the concept of the design were actually to maximize the space while minimizing the clutter. When you go with unconventional-looking room, you may appear to go for ordinary while in reality; you may get the extraordinary one. The trapezoid-shaped living room will work for study purposes with its great light and ample feel. In order to create the effects of warmth, homey and inviting vibes, woods are chosen instead. For the lighting, the house prefers indirect design one. It was aimed to get the minimalistic and easy look and makes the space appear wider and more spacious. For the bedrooms, each is set in unique accent color which creates a certain personality and ambience that can make for cozy and comfy feelings.

The house is simply awesome. It is for you who like to e modest, who hate eing dramatic and over the top. It is a normal house but is certainly the beautiful one. For more ideas, check images and be inspired.


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