Mind Blowing Chalet Gstaad Hideaway by Laurence Rouveure of Ardesia and Amaldi Neder Architectes

It is a full house of wood stuff and it looks so natural no matter how you see it. This organic space is the work of Laurence Rouveure of Ardesia Design in collaboration with Amaldi Neder Architects. It is like ringing a forest down to your house. In one word, it is “mind blowing”. This private holiday chalet is situated in the Swiss Alps. And we like to get to know this space more.

It is literally an escape destination, it is a perfect hideaway. What a house, what a location, what amazing treat we got here. The space is able to keep the people there warm and safe from the treat of freezing cold weather and temperature there. Against the white Alps, this house is like an oasis in the middle of a desert. It is set to make you feel cozy, comfy, and enjoyable. The house is mostly covered with woods in their natural tones. But you may also find some soft palette tones or neutral colors to create warmer and pleasing effects. In fact, there are textures like such as linen and wool to keep you perfect state.

This 380 square meters lodge is designed with plan to build a space with clean lines and sense of unity and that is why we find it sleek, chic, and quite exclusive. For the furnishing method, there is a combination of contemporary, furniture, traditional pieces and eclectic item gathered all around Europe.

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