The Gorgeous and Elegant St.Petersburg Apartment with A Classical Twist [Visualized]

For this very occasion, we would like to show how a traditional styled apartment can look as gorgeous as ever. It is the St.Petersburg Apartment, which interests us with the lavish appearance in classical scheme.Anton Valiev’s visualization does taste luxury with dramatic quality that mesmerizes.

The use of soft palette tones on most surfaces does more than justice to the house which creates the real magnificent space that smells old school fragrance. Pristine finishes make it even more beautiful which evoke admiration and likeness from the lookers. The decoration and the furniture are all in plush looks that match the house’s personality and style. What nicer is the neatness and clean cuts which make it a classy space with inherent aesthetic quality that amuse everyone who see it. Some walls are decorated with wallpapers in soft colors and classic prints.

All rooms including living space, bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and etc. are in their best appearances that will make anyone feel envy. This house is a fine example on classic house ever. You may see all the details on each part of the house from the images we provide here and be ready to fall in love.

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