Uniquely Bright and Cozy Stockholm Attic with Stepped Walls & Steep Ceilings

A bright look is shown nicely by a white apartment that is shaped in unique way which we feel interested to get to know it better. This one is a space in Stockholm which is built with steep slopes and attic walls that shoot up which make it possess such a high ceiling that protrudes beautifully.

This one is absolutely one of most unique spaces you may see. The house is totally set in white which is the safest tone you may have home to look stunning and to feel cozy. There is huge use of big windows that let the space flooded with light in a great deal. The combination of white with the warm laminate flooring from woods’ charms do make it a homey place that will keep us coming back and join the family. This one is in vibrant look with vivid colored stuff around and delightful atmosphere on the air to cherish. Pops of colors do liven up the mood there and the simple and adorable decoration and accessories help much in making this place a gorgeous one. Moreover, this open plan house has some quite peculiar things which are more fun than odd. There is a stair way that goes up then disappears. The style of the house is rather vague. There is classical stuff spotted while in majority, contemporary things are also found. But what great is how those different personalities are brought together under the same roof and gel quite nicely.

There are more to see in this house which our explanations cannot cover. We would like to invite you to check out all the images on this apartment and inform yourself about it perfectly from them.

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